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I teach practical tools on how to open to a dialogue with your angels and spirit guides during my healing sessions and classes. I am here to offer energetic support to Earth Angels at this time. These classes I am offering here are for exactly that purpose. To bring in and connect with the Higher Dimensions and the Angelic Realm on those Higher Dimensions. I work for God and the Angels and all of my classes are channeled, spiritual, creative, and nurturing.


I AM A Certified Angelic Life Coach, an Ordained Minister, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in painting.

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I am the author of "Angelic Heart Oracle Cards and Book",
The Smiling Heart Garden of Delights Adult Coloring Book, &
28 Days of Divine Inspiration.

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Soul Drawing Private Session   ($75) [+] Show More Info

Spend an hour with Christia, Your Angels, and Creativity! This is a great way to begin to open up to your Angels, unlock hidden talents, and learn to trust your intuition. We will be using chanting, and guided meditation to expand our consciousness before connecting to the art materials. No art experience is necessary. Supplies need: Pen, pencil, marker and/or crayons (some kind of utensil to make marks on the paper) Its is great to have color to work with during these exercises we will be doing! Paper

Support Session For Earth Angels   ($75) [+] Show More Info

Each session is tailored for each unique Earth Angel. Everyone right now is releasing anything that is less than love. You are here to be the Light, to shine your own unique heart light for all the world. Its not easy being 3D at this current time on our home planet. That is why I am here and have designed these support sessions to do just that, support you on your Earthly journey on all levels: physical,

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What is your daily spiritual practice? Are you questioning yourself, how do I start a daily spiritual practice? Are you asking yourself deepest questions, how do I connect or commune daily with Spirit, Universe, or inner-self? Do you want to learn more about yourself; truly who you are; and, truly how you arrive in this particular human form; and, what are your life lessons? When you connect daily with your higher beings, and your higher self, we are essentially connecting with love & light in your daily life. Through a daily spiritual practice, your life will begin to improve with ease and grace. This class if a step-by-step process to teach you how to start a daily spiritual practice; to develop yourself, which will help you understand a deeper connection with your intuition & self. Like other students I have worked with over one years, I assure you, you will gain confidence to develop your spiritual muscle in your connection with Angels, Spirit Guides, and the Great Spirit. You will learn: -How to set up a Daily Spiritual Practice -How to know the difference between communicating with your own intuition, an angel, God, a spirit who was human, a negative spirit not of this world, etc. -How to recognize your Soul Gifts and begin to support them on a daily basis
Christia Cummings
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Recorded: Mar 20, 2019 at 04:00 pm EDT
Soul Moon Mandala Class Series Soul Light Frequency Activation And Heart Soul Mandala Personal Image Each Activation is using color, Light, and Sound to activate you on all levels, through all dimensions, across time, thus helping you access your most authentic self, your own unique Soul Light. These activations are coordinated with the phases of the Moon and current planetary activity. Each class will be within 3 days of either the New or Full Moons. Each class will have prayer, current planetary activity updates and how this maybe affecting you and your loved ones, messages from Angels and the Star Soul Family of Light, Sound Frequency Activations, Distant Energy Healing, Guided Meditations and time to create. After the guided meditation we will take time to draw, paint, make marks to record the energies/messages received from your Soul and Star Soul Family of Light inside a circle, a Mandala. This lets you have a visual image for the current moon phase and reminder of what you have received from your Soul and Guides. No artistic talent is required. Just an open heart and mind. Each activation is twice a month, you may just take one or all. They do have accumulative properties of energetic proportions. Each class will be recorded and available after live class has been given. It will be 3 days that your body will process the High Frequency Light infusions. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water and practice self-care, with spending time in Nature. It is recommended that you have a sketchbook with multi-media paper, watercolor pens, colored pencils, and other creative tools handy while taking the live class or watching the recording.
4 week course program to manifest what you want! This amazing 4 week course is just what you need to get you on your way to manifesting a happier and more abundant life. Are you looking for a new job, new romance, a happier life in general? In this 4 week class we will define: *What it is you actually want to manifest * What is blocking you from manifesting *Practical steps to help you get there *What to actually do when you get what you want! What makes this 4 week program different is that we are going to call in and ask the assistance from the Angels and with the help of the Angelic Realm you are bound for even more success! Your Angels are like an invisible team working only on your behalf and only wanting the very best for you! You will learn to listen to your inner self to make practical choices that make you happy! Attracting more of what you want will increase your quotient for a more abundant and joy filled life!
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