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I am the Founder and President of Paul Garwood Speaks, Paul Garwood Coaching, and The Positive Black Network.

I am a Founder, Mentor, Certified Master Trainer, Certified Master Life Coach, Mindset Coach, and Best Selling Author.

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B.S. in Health Information Management
Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Life Coach

Experience and Distinctions

In January of 2017 he earned the designation of Qualified Speaker for D28 Toastmasters International. In August of 2017 he was inducted as a Professional Speaker into the membership of the National Speakers Association (N.S.A).

Speaking: I speak on and develop programs that focus on helping clients uncover and see problems as opportunities, and then turning those opportunities into a business. It is an understanding that everything around us is the result of someone having an idea and then executing it.

I am a Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Master Trainer

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When I talk to other business owners, their number one complaint is not having their work life and personal life in balance. They feel like they're missing out on important family events, even simple family dinners, because they're always thinking about or working on their business. Do you fall into this category? Think about this: are your business efforts worth missing family time in the long run? When the kids are grown, will they fondly remember the time you spent together or will they remember you as an absent parent because you were always working? It's never too late to make changes to your life to regain that work/life balance. Keep in mind, I'm not saying you need to implement all 5 of my tips at once; that might actually cause you more stress. Even if you incorporate one tip at a time, you'll notice how easy it is to make that a habit which in turn will lessen your stress and bring you more into balance. By maintaining that work/life balance, you will naturally alleviate stress and guilt. If you feel like you're being split in two or that you need a clone to handle your business and your personal life, join my class.
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If you think you can or can't, you're right. Henry Ford Mindset is everything when it comes to achieving success. If you think you can't reach your personal goal, then you won't because you won't be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and take those actions to make it possible. Likewise, if you think you CAN reach that goal, you'll do anything and everything to make it a reality. Shifting your mindset is absolutely possible and that's the subject of my 4-part home study course, Mindset Reset. Each lesson has its own Action Plan so you always know what has to happen before moving on. It's a great reminder for those who hesitate to take action due to fear of the unknown.
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In this class, we're going to tackle one of the most disheartening problems that all people face at some time in their career - winning back your motivation when working seems to have lost its joy. What do you do to get your coaching mojo back? You're asking yourself: o Why you lost your joy in coaching o What you can do about it o Whether or not you should do anything at all. Maybe it's time to quit. Before you take such a drastic step, let's find the answer to those three questions. Let's explore what's really going on with you and your clients, and figure out exactly what to do about it.
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