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I am a lifewave distributor and aculife (For Animals)
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Learn the Advanced Method using energy tools to desensitize yourself from allergic or intolerant reactions to food, water, salt, pollen, gluten etc. Gretchen Uhe, who pioneered this technique, will describe how to first "test" for sensitivities and then her Uhe Method protocol for desensitizing that is painless and quick which is faster than NAET and more tolerable for children. You'll learn what types of symptoms can be caused by environmental triggers so you'll recognize when you should test for sensitivities.
The Patch Training Team, headed by Dr. Karen Kan, is excited to share LifeWave's cutting edge wellness products with the wellness community. In this webinar you'll learn: 1. How LifeWave patches work like acupuncture but without the needles to relieve pain on contact, increase energy, improve sleep, detoxify and repair the body, decrease stress and inflammation, and control appetite without drugs or chemicals 2. How LifeWave Theta Mind nutritional supplements work immediately through a proprietary "activation" process not available through any other company 3. How LifeWave's Matrix 2 protects you from up to 98% of the harmful microwave radiation 4. How AcuLife works to help horses and other animals out of pain
This LifeWave Product Training Course was created for new LifeWave distributors and customers in order to teach them how to best use LifeWave products. This course is not a pre-requisite to using the products and is an adjunct to the LifeWave company's educational brochures and videos. There will be webinars covering each of the following topics: Class I: Patch Basics & How to use Energy Enhancer and IceWave Patches Class 2: How to use the Y-Age Glutathione, Carnosine and Aeon patches Class 3: How to use the Silent Nights and SP6 Complete patches Class 4: How to combine patches Class 5: Theta Nutrition Class 6: Matrix 2 Cell Phone Radiation Protection Class 7: AcuLife Patches for Animals
In this class, you will learn: 1. How the muscles and organs of the body are energetically connected and how dysfunction in one can reveal dysfunction in another. 2. How the Chinese acupuncture/acupressure system can be used to help re-balance the organs and muscles 3. How to use LifeWave "needle-less" acupuncture patch technology to improve energy flow in the organ and release tense/painful muscles This class will be primarily taught by: Kathy Arnaud, Certified Massage Therapist Human and Equine Pain Management Specialist (757) 409-3529 www.massageandrestore.com www.lifewave.com/639394 www.aculifenow.come/639394
In Class 4 of Fast Track Your Healing Class, Dr. Karen will be introducing you to the Body Code, a healing modality pioneered by Dr. Bradley Nelson. In this introduction you'll learn: 1. how muscle testing is combined with an elegant mind map system to uncover underlying imbalances to most if not all health challenges 2. how there are only six underlying imbalances causing the majority of health problems and how to determine which one it is Dr. Karen will be asking for volunteers who want to discover their own imbalances. If you would like to volunteer, please be prepared to take some notes and to hydrate yourself (in preparation for energy healing)
In this Fast Track Your Healing Class 2, you'll learn: 1. how to do traditional muscle testing - the do's and don'ts 2. several different methods on how to do self-muscle testing 3. how Dr. Karen uses muscle testing to check for food intolerances
Dealing with pain? stress? sleep issues? If you answered YES, you're not alone! In this class you'll learn: 1. Top five symptoms that your brain is in "stress mode" not healing mode 2. Top five lifestyle changes that will jumpstart your health 3. Top three energy healing tools that I use in my practice to help people heal
In this class you will learn advanced acupuncture patching protocols using LifeWave IceWave pain relief patches, Y-Age Glutathione, Aeon and Carnosine patches. These protocols are advanced and are for challenging pain that does not respond to the basic protocols found in the LifeWave product brochures.
Gain a deep and practical understanding of how to address thyroid issues using diet, lifestyle, nutritional support, and herbal therapy, with one of the leading educators in the field of natural medicine. You will be able to ask your questions during each class! This class is free and will be followed by Part 2 and 3. The descriptions is for Part 1, 2, and 3 combined. Thyroid disorders are among the most common of endocrine syndromes, according to the National Women's Health Information Center, thyroid conditions affect some 20 million (about 1 in 13) Americans. Symptomatic conventional treatments, such as drugs and surgery, characteristically do nothing to address the underlying causes or root of the problem, and generally leave patients dependent on lifelong medication. Moreover, many patients with subclinical hypothyroidism are undiagnosed, though they suffer with many of the common symptoms, such as fatigue, weight gain, depression, “brain fog” and constipation. Iodine deficiency, well-established in its relationship to brain damage and mental retardation worldwide, also contributes to hypothyroidism, breast pain, fibrocystic breast disease and other disorders. Most health professionals are limited in their understanding of accurate thyroid assessment, often relying only on TSH measurement. And most lack an understanding of how to support thyroid health, regeneration and healing, usually relying merely on synthetic T4 as thyroid replacement alone. Common thyroid disorders include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Graves' disease, thyroid cancer, goiter and iodine deficiency. In this seminar focused on thyroid issues, I will share practical insights and information, that I gained in my 22 years as a health practitioner, about how to restore and maintain optimal thyroid health.
Dr. Pam Denton
Health & Wellness
Ended: Dec 07, 2012 at 10:45 am EDT
Now more than ever our bodies are being put upon by harsh chemicals in the environment. This is leading to many body symptoms to include, headaches, sluggishness, moodiness and much more. And our hormones, which balance our bodies, are being put upon. We are suffering when we could be thriving. And I have some simple solutions for you to help restore balance! We all can apply simple strategies in our life to help protect the body from chemicals. In this health talk I will present some simple, easy solutions for healing your body and balancing your hormones. I will help you begin to slowly move back into balance with healthcare products that make a difference. As well as mind-body techniques to help ease up the pressure in your body.