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Contacting your Spirit Guides and Angels for transformational healing, closure, guidance, insight, revelations and prophecy.

"You are not alone." "There are angels in your life to help you navigate in times of need." Tammy sees, feels, hears and knows what the other side needs to communicate to the living. She gives spiritual readings for people to answer questions that rest heavy on the heart. Her readings dispel fear, reveal truth and inspire hope by guiding others towards living life fully. Tammy has been on some local radio and news TV also on some local cable network ...See All


Personally mentored by:
Pope John Paul II
Mother Teresa
Dalai Lama
& Powerful Hopi Indian Shaman

Experience and Distinctions

My purpose is to be a teacher of teachers (YOU). I am here to teach you what you life purpose is so that you can live a life of meaning, fulfillment and joy! I have received mentoring since childhood from Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and a powerful Hopi Indian Shaman. My work goes far beyond the spectrum of intuition. My soul can move between dimensions and my communication with your angels is so clear that I know what your purpose is and what's holding you back from it.

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Tue Jan 10 2023 at 07:04 am EDT
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Mon Mar 30 2020 at 03:30 pm EDT
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Sunday Aug 30, 2015
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Very much into the Spiritual side of life.
Bothell WA, USA
Santa Rosa, USA
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