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Monument, CO, USA

Tami Urbanek-medium/clairvoyant/Advanced Tai Yi practitioner/radio host

Communicating with the people in the nonphysical (spirit guides and deceased people) is an ability I have had since I was a child. Growing up I was encouraged to explore spirituality and I have wonderful parents who demonstrated what spirituality really means. After years of working in public and private education, I opened myself up to working with with the public in communicating with the deceased and spirit guides.

Spirit guides are with us all the time. They offer assistance when asked, however, the assistance is not always ...See All


After two Master's Degrees (Special Education and Public Administration, nonprofit) and years of working in public education, I transitioned to working with the public as a medium and Tai Yi Practitioner.
This is an evolving and exciting journey to be on and I have appreciated and enjoyed everyone with whom I've worked.

Experience and Distinctions

*As of most recently, my work and ability has expanded to communicating with Beings of a high level consciousness and awareness who can offer personal information and support in a session. I never guarantee their arrival into a session, but it occurs 95% of the time. They have a deeper awareness than guides that may be needed in some cases and are a valuable resource in healing.*

I have been enrolled in Life Energy Flow-Tai Yi School of Healing since April 2008. At the most recent testing in August 2015, I scored a ...See All

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Healing Beyond Time (2 hours)   ($85)

This class will take you through the steps to 'travel' backward to your past or forward to your future. Since time is an illusion, we can all travel to a different time using a specific method. The purpose is always to create a healing in the past or future. Is your future what you want it to be? What if your future self told you what to change now to alter your future? Can you heal the injured child from your past? Can you travel to a past life and heal an ongoing injury? After successfully using this method for years, I offer a step by step approach to travel and to heal.

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A time flux is a significant change in one's life pathway that is orchestrated by the soul. A time flux is enjoyable and most effective when one prepares for it. One cannot force it since the soul sets the timing. As a conscious person, we can request a time flux and prepare for one and the soul will determine timing from there. Your pathway will change, relationships will change, and experiences change. This class will teach about a time flux (as I have experienced it), preparation, and what to do after it has occurred. This will also include a group session with your Spirit Guides. They will offer you information specific to a time flux prior to the class. After the Group Session, we will go right into the class. The fee is for both the Guide session and the class. The Guide Session and Class are in one setting and time frame.
Learning to bond with yourself is a very important element in the healing process. With self-bonding, it's much easier to trust, love, and to bond with others. In this class, I'll guide you to identify the age of significance with which to bond and then the process to create the manifestation of bonding with your younger self. I'll also briefly describe what bonding feels like.
Tami Urbanek
Personal Development.. > Manifestation
Recorded: Jan 24, 2016 at 05:00 pm EST
What would it be like to 'travel' back to a time in your childhood or even forward to your future? I've been taught and I've experienced that time is an illusion. Our past, present and future are all happening now! Even our past lives and future lives are all happening now. What if you could travel to your future and see the outcome of a series of choices? If you like it, keep making those choices. If you don't, start making different choices so you experience a different future. I will briefly discuss the concept of time as I've learned it and successful steps to 'travel' to certain points in time to learn and make changes. This is a two-hour workshop that has been previously taught in-person.
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