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For the past 20 years, Chalyce has dedicated herself to tapping nature's resources for her clients through research, education, and coaching in both traditional and non-traditional technique. She brings all of this and more to your discovery of Sustainable Wellness. She is an IV-certified medical assistant and has certifications in aromatherapy and holistic health coaching. She is also the founder of Wisdom By Nature Academy, a nonprofit that provides education for optimal wellness, and the owner of Essential7, LLC, a company that wholesales ethically produced and pure essential oils to other manufacturers.


Chalyce Macoskey, founder of Wisdom By Nature, is a IV certified medical assistant, certified aromatherapy coach, certified holistic health coach, and Vice President of Aromatherapy for the Natural Therapies Certification Board.

Experience and Distinctions

My unique approach on Sustainable Wellness is a pure and balanced without being trendy.

Author of the recently published Wisdom By Nature, The New Approach to Healing Gastroparesis and Other Digestive Challenges

Research published in the Holistic Nursing Practice Journal for her research on using essential oils to improve the quality of life for people with GP.

An expert on EmpowHer. Award-winning women's health website

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Here's what you'll study during this ten-week correspondence course Introduction to Essential Oils The Biology of Essential Oils Blending Essential Oils (All 7 Methods) Essential Oils for Personal First Aid Essential Oils for Pain Management Essential Oils for Detoxification Essential Oils for Stress Management Essential Oils for Peak Performance Essential Oils for Quality of Life Enhancement Essential Oils for All Other Applications
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This is for one month. It will only take me one month to coach you on how to improve the quality of your life. We meet once a week as a group here on Learn It Live. You will keep a food and how I feel journal. You will send me the journal the day before class and then I will review it and share better options that can be beneficial for you in class. We will have one live meeting before we start so you have an understanding how this works. The goal is to coach you in creating a lifestyle plan for you.that works and is easy to follow. With the upcoming holidays, this is a perfect time. I am limiting the class to 15. The cost is $25.00 for the whole month. $5.00 a week to get your life back on track. We offer an afternoon and evening class. Make sure you are in the correct class. Once you join, you will receive an email with instructions on how to begin.
Are you living with gastroparesis or other digestion challenges and still looking for ways to deal with it? Need ideas on how to function and feel better? You are not alone and feeling good is no longer just a dream, it is within your reach. The creators of Healing Gastroparesis Naturally have gone through what you are experiencing and have learned how to thrive again. Using various alternative methods of care, this program offers ideas which have been proven highly effective in managing gastroparesis and chronic digestive disorders. "I'm happy to report that Monday morning, I still feel great. No symptoms, no side effects, etc. Nothing but wet eyes writing this post. Moral of the story is.... this protocol is a huge change. I'm almost three years in and it's like my body feels a sense of relief." - Loretta
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