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Sun Jan 24 at 05:00 pm EST
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What would it be like to 'travel' back to a time in your childhood or even forward to your future? I've been taught and I've experienced that time is an illusion. Our past, present and future are all happening now! Even our past lives and future lives are all happening now. What if you could travel to your future and see the outcome of a series of choices? If you like it, keep making those choices. If you don't, start making different choices so you experience a different future. I will briefly discuss the concept of time as I've learned ...See All
Some meditation experience is recommended, not required.
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    Sun Jan 24 at 05:00 pm EST
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Healing Beyond Time
150 Minute Session
Sun Jan 24 at 02:30 pm EST
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Tami Urbanek-medium/clairvoyant/Advanced Tai Yi practitioner/radio host Communicating with the people in the nonphysical (spirit guides and deceased people) is an ability I have had since I was a child. Growing up I was encouraged to explore spirituality and I have wonderful parents who demonstrated what spirituality really means. After years of working in public and private education, I opened myself up to working with with the public in communicating with the deceased and spirit guides. Spirit guides are with us all the time. They offer assistance when asked, however, the assistance is not always received by the person. Sometimes that assistance is not recognized because it does not fit within the package we want it to. Many times the assistance won't necessarily fit within a conscious expectation. Guides have information to pass on to you, about you, and for you. Listen.
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