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Learn 7 Steps You Can Start TODAY To Regain Your Health and Prevent Disease. I used these exact techniques to create a healthy, strong body. These are live, interactive sessions with a Q & A at the end of each class. Classes will also be recorded in order for you to review or watch at a later time. The information in this 5-part series is discussed from my book, "Boost Your Immune System". You will learn how to: 1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety 2. Prevent Disease 3. Reduce Pain & Inflammation 4. Get a Good Night's Sleep 5. Optimize Your Health
Hello! I am Samantha Cervino. Wellness Universe Ambassador, Energy Healer, Author and Mentor. I'd like to invite you to join me live for these wonderful Gratitude sessions in which I will lead you in a gratitude process that will change your life in wonderful ways. There are many great benefits to this practice and once you try it once, you will see for yourself. These are Free live weekly sessions. A safe place to meet and be grateful together. If you happen to be on your lunch break during this time thats ok! Join me anyways :) It is a great way to start your week! Watch the video to learn more :) Register now and I look forward to seen you there. In gratitude, Samantha
Join our April 2020 community chat sessions, each Monday in April 2020, at 1:00 pm Central time. Bring your thoughts, experiences and questions as we support each other in the work to which we're being called.
This is a 10-Class Series, meeting 2 times a week. All sessions will be recorded. If you cannot attend the live, virtual classes you will be able to view the recordings. Qigong, pronounced "Chee - Gong" is an ancient Chinese practice that heals the body from the inside out. It strengthens the lung capacity and reduces anxiety and pain. Tai Chi is a practice that began in China about 900 years after Qigong. The benefits of Tai Chi include increasing flexibility and balance.
John Keslick
Education > Other
Start: Apr 06, 2020 at 07:00 pm EDT
A introduction to classes on TREE BASICS a page by page brief series of classes. for children, parents and teachers. TREE BASICS is a book created by Dr. Alex L. Shigo who rewrote all books on trees. New information recently revealed as we learned all text books were incorrect or the tree were wrong for not doing what the books stated they were supposed to be doing. Approved book for 6th grade level.
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Practical application and hygiene of spiritual physics to daily life. " Did you ever wonder why the metal in your belt buckle or pockets- seems to get abnormally warm- when you wear them. It is not just the mechanical heat they pick up from your body - it is ALSO the capacitive charge which is the blood of your aura- which is bleeding away into them! Did you ever wonder why- ancestor visions, druid phone calls, and military telepathy can only happen at (conjugate/ longitudinal embedded) Earth magnetic line crosses? Does this tell you something about the ONLY correct places to have birth/ bliss and death? Lets think about it. We get asked the question daily: what are the technologies to duck from electrosmog. What is it about the charge of a 'sacred altar' that really reduces electrosmog. Let's study the physics of GROUNDING (book: "Earthing")- to UNDERSTAND the school behavior revolution that happened in the one country where ALL THE CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS STOPPED WEARING SHOES! Why did 3 people standing in line- at the bio store with me in Santa Barbara- suddenly turn to ME to initiate a conversation just seconds after I removed my shoes to let my moist feet touch the wood floor! - What is the information theory physics behind grounding?? Why is it ultimately required BEFORE you can really teach or sustain COMPASSION? - Postscript here includes the spiritual physics of rainmaking - - how to restore water attraction to a parched land- by restoring the geometry of magnetic centripetal force - the real meaning of ground: implosive access to fractality- perfected charge distribution.
Today we are faced with unprecedented disruption in our professional and personal lives. We are watching seismic shifts in our culture and our economy. It is a time of confusion, frustration and fear. The good news is that the human species has endured and survived challenging times like these. The other good news (and bad news) is most of us have not lived through times like these. We have seen the responses ranging from denial and skepticism to panic hoarding of supplies. We can follow the crowd and react to all of the fear, uncertainty, frustration and confusion, or we can step back and evaluate how to respond from a place of compassion and mindful intention. Times like these can bring out the worst in people and they can also bring out the best. I choose the latter. Join me for this discussion on how to use this time to create peace within yourself, enhance your relationships, to use your time effectively to make constructive improvements in your life and the lives of others. We will be covering a wide range of topics over the coming weeks including self care tips, stress reduction strategies, focusing on what matters most, creating the quality relationships we desire, using our time well, goal setting, and much more!
True Esoteric History of -Shakespeare- John Dee- and Alchemy- with Teresa Burns - ( google: jwmt Teresa Burns ) Deep evidence Shakespeare was trained with Dee & Kelley in Prague (as Francis Garland)- WHY the plays are alchemic- and about Dee's Heptagonal Working - planned for a year 'The Tempest' storm that took out the Spanish Armada.
A gentle yoga class available to anyone who is able to get on/off the floor.
Wendy Keslick
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Start: Apr 07, 2020 at 12:00 pm EDT
A little bit gentle. A little bit flow. Modifications always available!
For parents. Between ages 5 and 12. Ideas of good projects you can do with your children. Some may be suitable now (during COVID 19) and some may not. Your descession. Projects created by Dr. Alex L. Shigo the Father of Modern Arboriculture. I am presenting and sharing them with you. And answer questions.
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This Week's bundle features a special class on Tues. Full Moon Meditation and Ritual to release worry, fear, anxiety or grief. Tues 4/7 - 7-8pm Special Full Moon Mediation (have a pen&paper) Wed 4/8 - 3:30 Yin Yoga - restore and relax Fri 4/10 - 1pm Yoga Nidra - guided meditation Sat 4/11 - 10am Flow & Strength Building - more active ( have weights if you want)
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