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Janette Stuart
Health & Wellness
Start: Jun 13, 2020 at 02:00 pm EDT
Join Janette Stuart: Best Selling Author, Certified Angel Card Reader, Blogger, Military Mom, and Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles with Janette Stuart for a time of Joy Celebrating our Inner Child. No matter what our age, no matter how confident or self-assured we are, we all have an inner child within who is seeking our love, approval and attention. This inner child is our source of curiosity, innocence and wonder. Let's enjoy a time together of fun, creativity, gentle this club-like atmosphere of fun and joy as we honor our precious inner child.
Planning out your meals doesn't have to take up a lot of time. Learn the best practices for grocery shopping and meal planning during this time, so you can continue to eat healthy without spending too much time in the kitchen or spending too much on food.
*** Due to COVID, this class will be split between online and in-person classes to cut down on the physical time we spend together. Class is also available for those who would like to take the entire course online. There will be a 3-hour class on Tuesday, June 13th from 7:00-10:00 pm. This will allow us to cover the main book work necessary. Day 2 will be on Saturday, June 20th in the studio from 10:00-4:30 pm - or whenever students are done practicing. We will take a one-hour lunch break on Saturday. (If you are unable to join us in-person and would like to take the entire class online, you can do that too. Please let me know ahead of time if that is your intention so I can plan accordingly.) *** Looking for a Reiki class that gives you solid tools for healing, growing, and evolving? Here it is! During the time of COVID, many people are looking for more ways to help themselves and others. When you apply the lessons from this class, you can do just that. This is no ordinary Reiki class. I see it as Reiki + because not only do you learn about reiki, you learn how to analyze and work with chakras for additional insight and healing. Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Used as a spiritual tool, Reiki can open many doors for you along your journey. Many have found their soul's purpose after learning and practicing Reiki. Here's how this class will be offered: Day 1 (online class, June 16th) Class will be recorded - though I suggest you take it live if you can. If you can't take it live, you can view it anytime before Saturday's class, but you MUST view the online class in its entirety to take Saturday's class. Important topics we'll discuss: * What Reiki is * History of Reiki * Reiki Ethics * One traditional Reiki symbol. Many don't teach a symbol in level 1. Start right away learning about the energy and importance in symbols. * and more Day 2 (in-studio, June 20th) For those who choose to take the entire class online, you'll be part of the in-studio, live class with us. Please note that the start and stop times may vary for Saturday's class. * Receive your level 1 attunement * How to feel and work with subtle energy: Intuitive healing * How to use Reiki for yourself, others, pets, crystals, protection, and more * Basic knowledge of chakras * How to analyze and balance the chakras * How to protect yourself and your client when working with Reiki energy * Byosen scanning: The method for sensing imbalances with your hands. * and more * Receive your certificate at the end of the day (if taking the entire class online, your certificate will be mailed within 14 business days from completion - I'll follow up to get your mailing address) The first day of class (June 16th) I'll send you a copy of the manual through LearnItLive. For those taking the class in the studio as well, you'll receive a binder with the printed material for your convenience on June 20th. This extensive and very informative class is $225.00 - a great investment in your healing and spiritual journey. What a great investment for all the hours of training and experience you get! IMPORTANT: I will contact you in the days prior to class to inform you on how to prepare for class and to get information for your certificate. Please be sure to check your messages!
What are the best ways to boost your natural immunity to keep you healthy during these crazy coronavirus days? John will share immediately useful tips for healthy choices that you can make to maximize your immune system's ability to keep you healthy. You can't perform at your best in work and life if you don't feel well. What are the best foods to eat and supplements to take to maximize your body's immune system? What lifestyle choices are you making that hurt your immune system? What are the three main causes of all chronic illness and how can you balance them? This content-packed and fast-paced presentation will unveil natural health secrets that can help your body to heal itself. Don't miss this fun, engaging, and one of the most entertaining wellness sessions you will ever attend! Key Takeaways: - Discover the one simple change that will drastically improve your health! - Optimize your health around technology - Learn the best ways to boost your immune system to keep you healthy
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Join us on Sunday, May 17th and find yourself submersed in a warm and inviting time that calls you into an intimate conversation within yourself. This month we will be using tools and exercises to explore the truths of what Compassion means in our lives and how it might call us into greater love and tolerance for both ourselves and for others. We will deepen and embody our capacity for knowing loving compassion through a guided meditation. Come ready for an exploration and stay for the magic that happens when we open ourselves into this remembering of who we are and who we came here to be.
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Start saying no. Stop feeling frazzled. Live your healthiest life. Implementing healthy boundaries is as essential to your well-being as the food you eat. In this class, you will explore 5 essential tools for setting healthy boundaries -- boundaries that are essential to creating a better life than you ever imagined. You will learn how to: - Create healthy boundaries and great quality, fulfilled life with improved relationships - Regain confidence and self-esteem, making showing up easier - Overcome self-sabotage and experience more freedom - Live a healthier and more joy-filled life without feeling guilty or worried about letting others down
Russ Terry
Health & Wellness
Start: Jun 29, 2020 at 06:00 pm EDT
In this "Introduction to the Powers of Coaching" workshop, you'll assess your life in 18 areas and then go through exercises to come up with a plan to make changes in your area(s) of focus. It's inspirational, motivational AND tactical! You'll also put an accountability plan in place to make sure the words you speak in this workshop happen!
Laura Llacuna
Health & Wellness
Start: Jun 30, 2020 at 10:00 am EDT
Todos tenemos claro que es mejor respirar aire puro y comer productos ecológicos, pero y lo que nos ponemos en la piel? En este webinar hablaremos de como los tóxicos y los disruptores endocrinos pueden afectar a tu salud y os presentaré como los productos y suplementos frescos de ringana nos pueden ayudar.
Jamie Butler
Health & Wellness > Energy Healing
Start: Jul 02, 2020 at 10:00 am EDT
In this live virtual class Jamie Butler medium present Reiki 2. The prerequisite for this class is Reiki Level 1 with Jamie or another instructor. Reiki is a simple natural process available to everyone. It is gentle; yet, a powerful technique that complements other medical and therapeutic modalities used to promote recovery. Reiki level 2 focuses on distance and spiritual healing. The Reiki (universal energy) moves through the energetic field, feeding it into the chakras, the endocrine system, bodily organs, and reaching the cellular/DNA level. During a session of Reiki the energy can balance, harmonize, and energize the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of the recipient. The study of Reiki can help a person who is seeking spiritual awareness as well. Reiki can help various stresses ranging from asthma, burns, headaches, muscle tension, menstrual cramps, digestive issues, grief, and more. Jamie teaches all three levels of Reiki from both the modern and traditional perspectives and requires a 21-day period between initiations so the student can learn how to incorporate the healing into their life. All students will receive a Level 2 attunement from Jamie as well as a certificate of completion that will be mailed out 21 days after class. Attunements will be done remotely and individually. You will be given a time slot where Jamie will give out the attunement. Reiki Level 1 is offered on Learn it Live on June 11.
Join me for this week's Warrior Wellness Bundle. Twist, twist, and more twist. Let's cleanse! Yin, Yoga Nidra, and Flow. All recorded watch anytime. see you on the mat
Cindy Bartz
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Recorded: May 29, 2020 at 04:45 pm EDT
Breathe, Move & Energize! Ready to reduce stress and energize your body? 12 Yoga Classes are included in this series. All classes are designed to reduce stress using the breath with dynamic movements and poses to release tension and energize the body. Each class is different but equally energizing. We will begin with a traditional flow such as sun salutations and move into salutation variations and standing flows. Poses will combine strength, flexibility and balance. Classes will also include floor exercises and a final relaxing guided meditation. All classes will be recorded. All levels of experience are welcome.
Wendy Keslick
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Recorded: May 29, 2020 at 11:00 am EDT
A gentle class. Bring a strap and a block if you have them. A strap can even be a bathrobe belt, etc. I will lead gentle stretches with the purpose of increasing flexibility and mindfulness, and decreases tension and stress. Modifications will be offered for those with injuries and for those wanted a slightly deeper version of each stretch. Come as you are - camera on or off - your choice!
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