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Roy Choquette
Health & Wellness > Fitness
Recorded: Jul 22, 2020 at 05:00 pm EDT
RAD Mobility 1: Foundations of Mobility, Recovery, and Self Myofascial Release Supplement the care you provide your clients & patients with the most ergonomic tools and cutting-edge education. Learn how integrating the latest research surrounding the nervous system, muscles, fascia, movement, and mobility and stability exercises can help create the most effective intervention plans for yourself and those in your care. Also learn how to utilize the most ergonomically designed massage and recovery tools to propel mobility and recovery. Do you know how applying these skills can enhance a person's strength, power output, injury prevention and much more? Find out now. 4 Hours of Continuing Education Credits for Professionals: • ACSM • NASM • ACE • AFAA • NCBTMB • NPCP
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This 45 minute class will play with bodyweight movements that both strengthen, stabilize, and create mobility throughout the body. You will feel more in touch with your body and how it moves. You will also feel a general overall sense of awareness and strength.
Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. JOjo incorporates some of the original exercises of Joseph H.Pilates in the order that they were performed. The Pilates4Soul class does add variations,modifications or stepping out of sequence.
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Jason Williams
Health & Wellness > Fitness
Recorded: Jan 22, 2020 at 02:30 pm EDT
30 minute mat Pilates class that focuses on stretching and core movements.
This class is designed to help personal trainers support their clients in finding valuable herbal resources.We will focus on a variety of common concerns athletes may have, causing them to seek out herbal support. These include delayed onset muscle soreness, general fatigue, healing from long term musculoskeletal damage, as well as chronic pain. While herbal medicine has been long considered to be a safe alternative to modern medicine it is not to be used lightly. We will look at a variety of herbs, some of their safety concerns, and discuss how to find products that will provide support with out inhibiting your client. Be sure to attend live and bring your herbal medicine questions to 'ask the herbalist live' during our question and answer session. All attendees will also receive discounts on items purchased through The Dancing Herbalist as a thanks for attending.
Do you know what to do when someone is choking you? Learn how to escape when you feel most vulnerable, when you cannot breath and panic sets in! This choking defensive technique works 100% of the time when done correctly. Learn it and test it in a safe environment, so you can have a fighting chance, especially women.
Learn how to fall properly and safely. Weather you're being attacked, pushed, or are just clumsy - We all fall sometimes, and falling improperly can get you hurt! This technique will teach you how to protect yourself from injuries while falling such as broken arms, wrists, elbows, tailbones, or head injuries, and to be in a good position for defending an attacker once on the ground. Other videos for ground defense to follow such as: getting up properly, defending while being punched, grabbed, and other attacks.
Simplify the Way You Defend REVOLUTIONARY TRI - BLOCKING SYSTEM Full color instructional book/download - NO need to learn dozens of blocking angles and blocking techniques -STOP those "OH NO I BLOCKED WRONG" moments -No more guessing what strike your opponent is going to throw at you -Block open-handed strikes, kicks, knees, or elbows with confidence -Use for firearm retention -Choose the safest angle of defense without having to worry about what strike will be coming at you -Move the same way for any strike so no guesswork needed -ONLY 3 WAYS TO BLOCK - Keeping it simple and effective
Through prayer and nutrition suggestions. Follow this exercise sequence to Lose 10 pounds and keep it off. Suggestions for nutrition.
Lamont Lynn
Health & Wellness > Fitness
Recorded: Jan 20, 2016 at 12:30 pm EDT
This is a fast pace, intense, full body workout with Lamont. It is primarily using body weight, however there are sections where you will need some sort of weight. If you don't have barbells you can use weighted objects from around the house such as water bottles.
Mike Perrozzi
Health & Wellness > Fitness
Recorded: Jan 20, 2016 at 12:00 pm EDT
This is an intense full body workout using weights, bands, and kettle bells. You can modify any of the postures and use weights from around the house such as detergent bottles or gallon jugs filled with water, or just do the movements without weight and you will still get benefit.
This is a 30 minute class with instruction on the full pilates poses and modifications. We'll be focusing on strengthening the core, legs and butt. Clear a spot on the floor and ideally have a mat to can practice the exercises on.
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