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Do you find yourself wondering how others get what they want in a mindful, thoughtful way? How do successful people understand difficulties and determine courses of actions to take with and through others? How do you build a coalition and create followership? In this one hour introductory course about influence, participants will: 1) Analyze surroundings and develop "other" awareness 2) Identify different influence styles 3) Develop a strategy for developing influence and harnessing influential power ethically and responsibly
Strategic thinking is a key competency for leadership positions. But what is strategic thinking? How does it differ from day in, day out tactical management? How can you develop a strategic mindset when you are in the trenches? In this one hour introductory course, participants will: 1) Understand the difference between operational, tactical and strategic thinking 2) Link into the future goals and priorities of your manager, your colleagues, and your organizations 3) Identify strategic opportunities to build relationships with key players and develop a strategic mindset to move you forward in your leadership career
Can't keep up with your dreadful job? Feeling lost and uncertain about what else you should do? In this online seminar, you'll discover 10 uncommon ways to find your passion and what brings you the most joy in life. * Date and Time: Sat Jan 10 at 09:00 pm Cairo, Egypt time
Being a coach and mentor for your employees and colleagues will not only empower them to succeed, help your company, but also help you to grow your reputation as a leader and garner respect throughout the organization. In this online program we will review some strategies on how to be an effective coach and work with people in the most effective way.
These days, everyone is trying to do more in less time and a lack of skills and guidance in this area can cause a lot of stress. However, when you have a plan for your time management, and then execute it, you will feel a huge sense of relief AND you'll get a lot more done than you ever have before. In this workshop, participants in this class will assess themselves in 10 areas of Time Management, and decide where they want to improve. You'll also learn top tips gleaned from Time Management experts.
Networking is a key component to getting things what you need. Regardless of whether is it a hair stylist or a new job, building relationships with people you trust is paramount to both personal and professional success. But how do we create lasting relationships? How do we build rapport to improve our personal effectiveness? How do we express our needs and share our strengths with others? In this fun, 60 minute, facilitated session, you will: 1) Assess your skills at networking 2) Learn key steps to build rapport in a group networking setting 3) Actively tap into your network to help you find the resources and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals
Thinking and making decisions are vital roles in our everyday life as well as being key workforce skills for success. But: What exactly is Critical Thinking? How do we identify our strengths and opportunities for development? How do we develop this within ourselves and within our teams? In this LearnitLive session, participants will learn key components of Critical Thinking and apply these concepts to learning activities to coach themselves or others using the rational, honest, and open-minded world of Critical Thinking. At the conclusion of this session, participants will: Identify eight key elements of critical thinking Gain awareness of barriers to critical thinking Identify at least three biases which may impact clarity, logic and fairness Learn five initial steps to nurture critical thinking in ourselves and in our team
In this 60 minute session, participants will be able to: 1) Understand elements of the natural change curve 2) Apply actions and behaviors to ease through the curve 3) Create a personal change checklist to address at least one lifestyle change
After a loss, the best case scenario is that the player shakes it off and comes back to win in the next game or match. The worst case scenario is that the loss leads to a losing streak. This session will cover the psychology of winning and losing and how to turn losses into wins. 1. Winning vs. Losing: what it does to the mindset of an athlete. -The halo effect of winning -The corrosive effect of losing -Athletes need to learn the skills of how to win and lose gracefully 2. The key elements of a winning mindset To end losing streaks, athletes have to commit to a mentally tough mindset. They must give full effort consistently, focus on the here and now, maximize strengths and hold themselves to a high standard of personal excellence. -Where should an athlete focus attention after a loss? -How much should an athlete focus on winning? -Can anger about a loss help facilitate improved performance? -What’s the best way to analyze a loss? -How do you maintain motivation after a loss? 3. Cultivating a winning mindset -Assessment: we’ll cover the common mental challenges that lie at the root of a losing streak so that coaches know what to look for. -Skill development: we’ll discuss a range of tactics to help athletes develop the mental skills that will help them turn around their loses. -Practice plan: we’ll discuss the best approaches for helping athletes practice their mental skills. 4. Case studies: we’ll talk about how this works in the real world. 7. Resources for coaches and athletes 8. Q&A
Since we first began talking to each other, stories have offered a uniquely powerful tool to capture attention, engage an audience, and motivate them to act. In this session, you will learn why narrative is the most powerful form of communication you have, the elements of a good story, and how to begin to build a story culture within your organization.
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Join holistic health coach Suzanne Strisower in this webinar to discover techniques that will help to lift you up when you are down. Negative emotions can be strong and even enveloping or debilitating. Instead of becoming overwhelmed and consumed by negative emotions, attend this webinar to find out how to turn negative emotions into positive energy to help you in your life.
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Join this webinar to find out the best ways to de-stress. In this session students will learn: - How to de-stress - What are the most common causes of stress? - How does Stress affect us? - Why we get stressed & worried. - How you can learn to de-stress anywhere, any time. - Ways to relax.
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