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Networking is a key component to getting things what you need. Regardless of whether is it a hair stylist or a new job, building relationships with people you trust is paramount to both personal and professional success. But how do we create lasting relationships? How do we build rapport to improve our personal effectiveness? How do we express our needs and share our strengths with others? In this fun, 60 minute, facilitated session, you will: 1) Assess your skills at networking 2) Learn key steps to build rapport in a group networking setting 3) Actively tap into your network to help you find the resources and knowledge you need to accomplish your goals
In this 90 minute session you will: 1) Define the lifestyle you wish to achieve for total life fulfillment 2) Design forward thinking goals and supporting sensory tools 3) Create action steps to create and deliver the new lifestyle, bypass barriers, and reinforce success through the lifestyle change process
When 'Off with their Heads!' Won't Work presents practical conflict resolution strategies including 6 simple tactics for getting past upsets and conflicts in life and at work. Through sometimes hilarious and touching stories, participants are inspired to reflect on, and devise strategies to deal with, their own disputes by utilizing a collaborative, problem-solving approach. Join Loretta Love Huff in this session that promises to teach you: • The whopping cost of not addressing conflict that exists • Examples of the most common occurring sources of conflict • 5 methods for resolving conflict including the 1 that typically yields the best result • 6 simple tactics you can implement TODAY to reduce ‘issues’ in your life • How to handle complaints • What to do when emotions are high • How to start when you know what to say, but just can’t say it! Join us and discover why some people just drive you nuts and what you can do about it!
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Regardless of whether you are a new supervisor or have years of management experience, you will find yourself approaching your employees not only as the boss defining expectations, but possibly also as a mentor or a coach. More and more organizations are moving towards coaching models and mentor programs for driving performance – but how do you know when to wear which hat when? At the conclusion of this interactive LearnitLive session, participants will be able to: 1) Identify the five elements of performance management. 2) Contrast mentoring and coaching methods and styles as performance management tools. 3) Describe coaching methodology and its application and role in the talent