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For the Price of a Lunch - You will have the necessary tools to build Your Relationship! Are you facing challenges in your relationship when it comes to money? Do you dread talking to your spouse about money? Let's bring back those loving feelings that you both have for each other. Specifically, we will focus on three things: 1. The best tool to discover where your money goes every month... You will stop the arguments when you use this tool. 2. The right way to Communicate about money... Your communication between each other will completely change for the better when you use these techniques. 3. How to find out what is important to you... by focusing on this one area you will be able to experience greater joy, love, fulfillment, and passion as a couple. Added bonuses: - An outline of the class where you can follow along and use in the future. - Several techiques I use in my Private Coaching Practice that you can use to make your relationship and finances stronger. Get the financial advice for a Happy Marriage. In this information packed course you will learn the do's and don'ts to make your money work in your relationship. Get on the same page and be able to discuss and implement spending and savings items that can bring you to Happily Ever After. Isn't time to get someone in your corner to help you? Sign up for the class now.
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