How It Works

Learn It Live is a social video learning platform based around live sessions.

interactive sessions

Interactive Video Sessions

  •   Our live classes make your average boring online class a thing of the past.
  •   Features in the interactive classroom include: multi-person video and audio, interactive whiteboard, public and private chat, and more.
expert content

Expert-led Video Programs

  •   We have hundreds of live classes each month perfect for employee training and wellness.
  •   Utilize our network’s content, provide your own classes, or leverage a mixture of both.
customized content

Branded Design and Integration

  •   Your own customized live video learning platform designed to represent your company and brand.
  •   Or, use our API to integrate classes into your current website and create a seamless experience for your users.
interactive sessions

Recording & Archival

  •   All classes are recorded and available on demand.
  •   Users can re-watch any session after-the-fact.
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Top Notch Support

  •   Unlimited tech and program support from our team.
  •   We provide training videos, moderation and FAQs.
customized content

Monitor and Manage Engagement

  •   Monitor and manage engagement via your own private admin panel.
  •   Access detailed reports on participation and feedback, and provide rewards, certifications, and more.

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Featured Case Studies

Learn It Live provides organizations a simple and cost-effective way to easily reach and engage
their audiences via interactive online video programs.
We provide everything: the content, technology, support, billing, and more.

Aramex Corporate University

Aramex, the largest logistics company of the Middle East and North Africa, uses Learn It Live to connect 15,000+ employees to top-tier experts via their Learn It Live platform.

Aramex Learning Center
Gulf Power Learning Center

Gulf Power Online Wellness

Gulf Power, the power supply of the US Gulf region, uses Learn It Live to connect their employees to live wellness programs to empower healthy living, increase employee engagement and reduce health costs.

Allina Health Online Wellness

Allina Health, with 26k+ employees and three-million+ visits annually, utilizes Learn It Live to connect its network of wellness experts to its vast community. Learn It Live provides Allina a way to engage its audience, track engagement, and generate additional revenue.

Allina Health Live Learning
Patheos Online Learning

Patheos Online Academy

Patheos, the world’s largest religion and spirituality media site, uses Learn It Live to engage its millions of readers with live video programs provided by its network of speakers. Learn It Live gives Patheos another channel - privately branded - to generate additional revenue and extend the impact of its network to a global level.

Health 2.0 EDU

Health 2.0 EDU is making health care smarter through a comprehensive live education program for the health care and health IT communities. Health 2.0 EDU uses Learn It Live to present top-notch content with the combined academic and industry expertise of the world’s leaders in health care technology.

Health 2.0 Edu

Interested in using Learn It Live at your company?

Start your free 30-day trial today!

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Top Organizations Using Learn It Live

Organizations around the world use Learn It Live for live video programs

American Heart Association
Allina Health
Center for Disease Control CDC
Health 2.0
Handson Network
Amarex Delivery