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Areas of Expertise
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(GMT+01:00) Europe/Copenhagen
Roskilde, Denmark

I am a New Earth teacher and healer channeling Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene and the Master Jesus, and working with the Ascension grid and sacred springs in the town of Roskilde, Denmark where I live.


I trained for 2 years as a priestess of the Goddess, and have trained in channeling, healing, sound healing, shamanism, oracle card reading, and psychoanalytical group psychotherapy. I'm also a qualified hypnotherapist and psychiatric nurse. I've been a practicing healer for over 20 years and have channeled Sarah since 2006.

Experience and Distinctions

I teach how to connect to and work with evolutionary Ascension & 5th dimensional energies, as brought through by Ascended Master Sarah's wisdom teachings, and use them for healing, (self, others and earth healing) & self-development. I also teach how to approach sacred sites and work with the energies there.

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Ascension Coaching 30 mins    ($60) [+] Show More Info

Rachel channels Sarahs wisdom teachings to help you with your questions and can work with your energy/ lightbody to reweave any blocks to your Ascension process. Sarah is a new Ascended Master who is bringing through phenomenally useful techniques at this time to assist with our process of shifting from 3D to 5D!!

'Learning to channel' coaching 30 mins   ($60) [+] Show More Info

Would you like to receive messages from Sarah, or learn how to channel her? I can give you half hour coaching sessions (I recommend 6 sessions over a six month period, or a minimum of 3) to build and improve your practice. There will be homework for you to complete in between sessions.

Learning Intrest
About Rachel Goodwin
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In these classes, Rachel shares Sarah's Ascension teachings and we learn metaphysical techniques that combine with psychological work. 16th June Sarahs's violet flame prosperity class The classes will be between one and a half to two hours, and is available as a recording to use as many times as you want afterwards.
PRIVATE CLASSES Continued coaching calls for 'Your Connexion to Sarah course'
The Ascended Master Sarah is here to help us with our evolutionary Ascension and she has a violet flame! The violet flame is an incredibly useful tool that transforms and transmutes negative and 'inappropriate' energy, and Sarah has her own vibration specifically for helping us through this transitory period as we move into the Age of Aquarius / Golden Age / New Earth / 5th Dimension. In this workshop you will be attuned to Sarah's violet flame and will learn: -What Sarah's violet flame is and how you can use it. We will be using a channeled symbol, and sacred geometry. -How to transform 3D situations (such as family dynamics, workplace situations, conflicts, relationship difficulties, problems with addictions and so on..) so you can achieve a 5th dimensional solution. -Specific techniques that you can apply at a moments notice. -3 week violet flame healing programme that you can apply to deeper issues in your life or for healing others/ earth healing. If you would like to receive a certificate for Sarah's 5th dimensional violet flame, you can apply separately to receive this (all details given in the class, this will include practice from you and an extra $15 for admin costs). You will need to do this if you want to apply for the Sarah's violet flame initiation masterclass (coming later this year).