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Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise
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Time Zone
(GMT+01:00) Europe/Copenhagen
Roskilde, Denmark

I am a New Earth teacher and healer channeling Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene and the Master Jesus, and working with the Ascension grid and sacred springs in the town of Roskilde, Denmark where I live.


I trained for 2 years as a priestess of the Goddess, and have trained in channeling, healing, sound healing, shamanism, oracle card reading, and psychoanalytical group psychotherapy. I'm also a qualified hypnotherapist and psychiatric nurse. I've been a practicing healer for over 20 years and have channeled Sarah since 2006.

Experience and Distinctions

I teach how to connect to and work with evolutionary Ascension & 5th dimensional energies, as brought through by Ascended Master Sarah's wisdom teachings, and use them for healing, (self, others and earth healing) & self-development. I also teach how to approach sacred sites and work with the energies there.

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Expert Services Offered
Ascension Coaching 30 mins    ($60) [+] Show More Info

Rachel channels Sarahs wisdom teachings to help you with your questions and can work with your energy/ lightbody to reweave any blocks to your Ascension process. Sarah is a new Ascended Master who is bringing through phenomenally useful techniques at this time to assist with our process of shifting from 3D to 5D!!

'Learning to channel' coaching 30 mins   ($60) [+] Show More Info

Would you like to receive messages from Sarah, or learn how to channel her? I can give you half hour coaching sessions (I recommend 6 sessions over a six month period, or a minimum of 3) to build and improve your practice. There will be homework for you to complete in between sessions.

Learning Intrest
About Rachel Goodwin
Group Classes (8)
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There is a new wave of energy coming in for the runes! In this class I will explain how we are building on the power of what has come before (the Swedes in the 16th century believed that the runes dated back to Atlantis!) and how this new wave is different and connected to the evolutionary processes we are in right now! In past times the Norse often used the runes to survive in a world of warfare. In this new wave we can use the runes to effect the planet, help the environment and empower our spiritual journeys! In this class we will journey to meet the Norns who can be petitioned to help with releasing tangles in the web. I will teach you how to do a 3 rune layout (which can also be combined with oracle/tarot cards if you use them) that will have a powerful effect on areas in your life where you need assistance. When you have become comfortable with using this technique for yourself, you can then move on to using it for others! If you are brand new to the runes, follow my weekly free class every Wednesday
In this time of phenomenal change and learning, we are being asked to 'step up to the plate', dig deep and contribute all our skills and learning to the collective! At the same time there is a phenomenal opportunity for us to transform our own shadow and alchemize our difficulties and struggles into gold. Rachel will teach you channeled techniques from Ascended Master Sarah, as well as channeling information live from Sarah during the class that will support us during this time. If you can't join the class live, the recording is available to everyone afterwards.This will be a 2 hour class and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. There is also an event 'Dreaming the world into being' coming up on and where we will work collectively for the world, and you can receive a 25% discount code for this class.
Do you want to create a refuge from the outside world? Well, energetically now you can! This is a way for you to build a matrix or 'web of light' around your home (or even further into our neighborhood if you wish), creating a sanctuary of 5th dimensional vibration for you and your family, that supports your spiritual growth as well as your ascension process, and gives you relief from stress and ascension symptoms. This is new technology that is reaching the earth now as we are ready to do this next step! Rachel has received teachings from the Ascended Master Sarah and in these classes you will receive the information and tools you need for 'how to grow your own ascension grid'! This work is also supporting the ascension of the earth and of humanity, and will be taught in a series of stages. Each class will be one and a half to two hours long. Ascended Master Sarah is a new ascended master teacher for the New Age. You can read more here For free tips and meditations join the Facebook group You might also be interested in