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Thu Jun 8 at 11:15 pm EDT
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About This Class
Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro here, have you heard of BITCOINS? Why are many experts linked to business (names you will recognize) and entrepeneurship, internet ecommerce and so on saying this is bigger than the internet. Why are the Banks afraid of Bitcoins? Why must you know what they are and starting getting your own NOW or lose out on your future when they become as common place as your cell/mobile phones, the internet, computers, mp3 players, streaming and so on?

This class will answer all of these questions, its a beginner's class or introduction and I have the ...See All
The only pre-requisite for this class is a general understanding of computers and the internet and that you know what currency or money is - I don't think you could know about this class or Learn it Live without these things - yes :--) ??