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2020 Summer of Transformation - Let's Make a Shift - Who's Ready? Let's get on the mat and use the ancient tools of Yoga and Ayurveda. Each week throughout the summer we will focus on deep transformation using deep wisdom to unlock our true potential. Say YES! What do you have to lose? Each Class is unique and will support your growth and overall balance. Wed - Yin Yoga 3:30pm Fri - Yoga Nidra 1:00pm Sat - Yoga Flow 10am >
A gentle class. Bring a strap and a block if you have them. A strap can even be a bathrobe belt, etc. I will lead gentle stretches with the purpose of increasing flexibility and mindfulness, and decreases tension and stress. Modifications will be offered for those with injuries and for those wanted a slightly deeper version of each stretch. Come as you are - camera on or off - your choice!
Contrology is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. JOjo incorporates some of the original exercises of Joseph H.Pilates in the order that they were performed. The Pilates4Soul class does add variations,modifications or stepping out of sequence.
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Breathe, Move & Heal! 8 Classes are included in this series! All classes will be recorded - watch, learn and practice anytime, anywhere! Come join us and learn Qigong. In this 8 class series we be working on refining the Level I Supreme Science Healing Sequence and the 5-Element Qigong Sequence. We will also be focusing on learning how to bring our attention inward to further feel the different sensations (energy) in our body. Each class includes breath techniques and mild stretches and is excellent for anyone recovering from illness, injury or surgery. It is also an excellent exercise for those looking to obtain optimal health. What is Qigong? It is an ancient Chinese practice that is easy to learn and practice. Some of the benefits of Qigong include reducing stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system, decreasing pain and lowering blood pressure. The practice involves slow movements with long, slow breaths. The breath techniques help to improve lung capacity over time and can reverse respiratory concerns.
Many of us are aware, to some degree, of the seven main chakras. What many people don't know, however, is how to feel into the chakras, or what to look for when they do. This is a very informative beginner's class of how to do just that. I'll help guide you on how to feel the subtle energy of the chakras. Here's what'll be taught: * the name, location, color, and basic information of each chakra * the difference between the front and back sides * how to feel the subtle energy of the chakras * how to feel or look for spin, color, blockages, etc. * how to balance the chakras using energy work and visualization * the elements associated with the chakras for an easy way to "see" what state they are in If you've been interested in the chakra system or energy work, come join us. Once you've tapped into this information - your own energy body - you'll be able to use it for the rest of your life. You don't have to be a reiki practitioner or energy worker to benefit from this insight. If, however, you are a reiki practitioner who never learned how to feel into the chakras, this class can be very beneficial for you and your clients. Sign up today and add a tool to your healing toolbox!
This is a free meditation class. Every session is different. These sessions will be ongoing during the required self-isolation period. New or well-seasoned meditators will find an informative session with plenty of time to grasp new skills or stabilize an ongoing practice of meditation. Please join!
Jamie Butler
Health & Wellness > Energy Healing
Start: Jul 09, 2020 at 10:00 am EDT
In this live virtual class Jamie Butler medium present Reiki 2. The prerequisite for this class is Reiki Level 1 with Jamie or another instructor. Reiki is a simple natural process available to everyone. It is gentle; yet, a powerful technique that complements other medical and therapeutic modalities used to promote recovery. Reiki level 2 focuses on distance and spiritual healing. The Reiki (universal energy) moves through the energetic field, feeding it into the chakras, the endocrine system, bodily organs, and reaching the cellular/DNA level. During a session of Reiki the energy can balance, harmonize, and energize the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of the recipient. The study of Reiki can help a person who is seeking spiritual awareness as well. Reiki can help various stresses ranging from asthma, burns, headaches, muscle tension, menstrual cramps, digestive issues, grief, and more. Jamie teaches all three levels of Reiki from both the modern and traditional perspectives and requires a 21-day period between initiations so the student can learn how to incorporate the healing into their life. All students will receive a Level 2 attunement from Jamie as well as a certificate of completion that will be mailed out 21 days after class. Attunements will be done remotely and individually. You will be given a time slot where Jamie will give out the attunement. Reiki Level 1 is offered on Learn it Live on June 11.
Our medical system is now focusing on preventing disease - not just waiting until the illness has appeared. There are so many ways to detect issues ahead of time when they are still more easily treated and managed. Happily, most of these tests are minimally invasive, easy to do, and typically covered by insurance. This webinar is to inform you more about the tests offered and what they can show you.
Janette Stuart
Health & Wellness
Next: Jul 11, 2020 at 02:00 pm EDT
Join Janette Stuart: Best Selling Author, Certified Angel Card Reader, Blogger, Military Mom, and Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles with Janette Stuart for a time of Joy Celebrating our Inner Child. No matter what our age, no matter how confident or self-assured we are, we all have an inner child within who is seeking our love, approval and attention. This inner child is our source of curiosity, innocence and wonder. Let's enjoy a time together of fun, creativity, gentle this club-like atmosphere of fun and joy as we honor our precious inner child. Upcoming Classes - Celebrating our Inner Child Series July 11, 2020 - Summer Fun August 8, 2020 - Abundance
Beth Cornell
Health & Wellness > Mindfulness
Start: Jul 13, 2020 at 01:00 pm EDT
This class will feature a guided meditation. Every class has a different guide/meditation. Please feel free to join as you wish, everyone will benefit. We use the 3 Breath Meditation at the onset of the meditation (and throughout if you'd like). Build your intuitive guidance, discover your creativity and imagination, balance, and clear your subtle energy field.
This class is about the dharma of sound healing with Tibetan sacred sound instruments. It is based on the structure and principals of sound and the honoring of the culture the modality comes from and addresses healing as predicated on spiritual awakening.
Fasting is about learning to control your mind and body in order to achieve holistic health. I have researched books, talked to doctors and several different individuals who have welcomed intermittent fasting into their lives (including myself) and it all leads to the conclusion that fasting is actually good for your physical, mental and spiritual health. In this class, I will be teaching you what fasting is all about (and what isn't), various easy techniques to implement fasting, types of fasting, who can and can't fast, what to do if you need to take medicine while fasting, what to do when you attend social events or travel, what you can do to help yourself succeed in fasting, and what to expect during the different phases of fasting. I will guide you to the entire process, so that you walk out of this class ready to fast. This class will include live Q&A. Fasting is not a fad, it's been around since ancient times and with the right knowledge and support system, it is an extremely effective, rewarding, healing and life-changing experience. In Part 1 I will be talking about: - What fasting is - Benefits of it - Who should and shouldn't fast In Part 2 I will be talking about: - How to prepare for fasting - Best practices - How to start fasting In part 3 I will be talking about: - Types of fasting protocols - How can you support your fasting windows - Common issues addressed while fasting All Learn it Live classes are recorded so don't worry if you miss class. You can also purchase the recording of this class at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you want.
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